TYMANIA the series… exclusive with the cast!

If there’s any mania to want to be a part of, it’s one that involves five hilarious characters crammed into one ghetto apartment building. Follow the life of a singer who has to cope with a crazy peanut butter-eating room mate, a new neighbour with a bad tan, a sleazy agent and a new love interest.

Just a little over a month ago, this explosive new comedy hit computer screens all across the globe. If you still haven’t had a chance to preview Tymania, get on it here:

Before the release of the show, I was invited right on set to do an exclusive interview with the cast. Get to know the gang like I did, check it out!


MJB in the House! …Exclusive Interview with the Hottest New Band in the T-dot

On July 28th, 2012, I attended the CD release event of the summer! The Marc Joseph Band (a cover band turned original) packed the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Toronto with loyal fans, friends and industry hotshots. The explosive sound and energy coming off the stage had the entire crowd bobbing up and down. Not only did MJB have everyone singing along to popular tunes, but also to the seven original tracks off their new debut album, “Breathe”.

A couple of weeks prior to this memorable night, I had the opportunity to sit down with four of the five band members and get to know the playful bunch up-close and personal… check it out!


Official launch of the Gaia Collection at the Hard Rock!

I had the pleasure of sporting a pair of gorgeous feathered earrings by designer and friend, Lilian Motta, at her official launch party on May 12th, 2012. The Hard Rock Cafe, in downtown Toronto, was crowded with supporters and enthusiastic buyers. The night was a successful combination of live music, raffles and fabulous wear-ables!

Each piece of jewellery in the Gaia Collection (which is named after Lilian’s daughter), is handmade and distinctly unique. Lilian travels the world, learning the techniques of fellow crafters and searching artisan markets for uncommon pieces (i.e. pendants, stones, feathers, beads, etc.). She invites you “accessorize your individuality” with her collection. Check it out!


Daddy Yankee finally performs in Toronto, and Fito Blanko kicks off the concert!

Part 1

Part 2

El Papi Vaquero, Daddy Yankee, finally hit the stage in Canada for the first time. The long-anticipated event took place at the Powerade Centre in Brampton on July 23rd,  2011. The day prior to the magical event, I had the pleasure of sitting right in front of the reggaeton superstar at his press conference. And yes ladies, he is just as “caliente” up-close and personal. Daddy showed off his spanglish abilities by answering the plethora of questions (in both English and Spanish) being fired his way, in detail. Meanwhile, keeping us media people in line, was our very own Toronto-based reggaetonero Fito Blanko. This up and comer, has all the charisma and talent needed to battle his way to the top of the Latin music charts. Take a look at my one-on-one with Fito, the Daddy Yankee press conference and the most memorable concert of the summer!


Oscar D’Leon in Toronto, plus exclusive interview with Christian Ty

El Sonero del Mundo, Oscar D’Leon, hit the stage at the Mirage Banquet Hall on May 6th, 2011. The day before the concert, I had the opportunity to meet the legend at a press conference he held. Oscar was exhausted from his flight into Toronto, yet he burst into the conference with a huge smile on his face. He made his way around the room personally greeting each and every one of us. We spent an hour drilling the headliner with questions and he graciously took the time to answer all of them. It was here I had the pleasure of introducing myself to, Christian Ty, an up and comer (now signed to Sony Records) who was scheduled as the opening act for the following evening. I was intrigued by this sweet, incredibly handsome Latin pop artist, so I made sure I was the first to book an interview with him. Here’s a look at the press conference, the Oscar D’Leon concert and my exclusive interview with Christian Ty.


Interview with Teria Morada, December 2010


Noche de la Canción Criolla Peruana, November 2010


Cooking Arepas with Jeffrey Cooper, November 2010


Interviewing the winner of Miss Latina Canada 2009




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