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Edible Poop

Would you stir poop into your coffee? What about chew it with your gum? What if I told you that you’ve probably already done said unthinkable acts? There’s an ingredient that you’ve heard about repeatedly. Its name is floating around somewhere in your subconscious – you know, the one that replaces sugar? The one that … Continue reading

Wedding Bells

Of course I was ecstatic to hear that my friend of 13 years had proposed to his girlfriend… I should say read, as the happy news did come in the form of a text and only because I initiated the conversation. So obviously it came as a shock, especially considering this friend in particular and … Continue reading

Sleep No More

There’s something about that small vertical line pulsing on a blank screen… silent and patient it waits for you to fill the page. In my case, it’s waited over a year… so much has happened, but I haven’t cared to share any of it. So, here it is – finally. New York – where I … Continue reading

The Red Bin

I smeared Chi Chi on my face! (I know this thanks to a friend who got me to sit still long enough to tell me about the benefits of a vegan cosmetics line that she and family now swear by… read on and I promise it will all make sense). Chi Chi was my adoptive pet… … Continue reading

A Poem

The day I met you, I didn’t recognize you. You looked nice and spoke nice… Actually my first impression of you wasn’t nice at all. I thought you were arrogant and bored, But as the day went on you turned out to be real nice. And then we hung out And things started to feel … Continue reading

Hungry Eyes

This topic enters and re-enters my life: How to tell when a man is looking at another woman with a stimulated libido and when he’s just admiring the long-haired, chesty blonde for what she is – an attractive individual. What are the distinguishing red flags? Is it the amount of time he fixates on this … Continue reading

Ode to Public Washrooms

I cannot, for the life of me, understand the incessant need for automatic toilets to flush a zillion times while you are still sitting on them trying to take care of business! The splashes of back-wash are JUST PRECIOUS… It’s horribly upsetting. To make matters worse, you finally complete the task at hand, only to … Continue reading

Pretty Little Faces

I never read the newspaper. Besides the fact the simple act of picking one up makes the tips of my fingers feel grimy, the several bolded titles serve the purpose of making me paranoid with fear of doing anything out of the ordinary – or these days, even of the ordinary – that will lead … Continue reading

Rock bottom, please!

Change… a word that sounds less scary than it is. People can live super monotonous or hectic lives and complain about every uninspired and gruelling second without ever exercising the concept of “making a change”. So after four hours on the phone listening to the exact same, but latest epic battle between my friend and … Continue reading

Canadian, ai?

The camera captures three pathetic souls seated in an otherwise deserted bar patio. “We were on our lunch break and happened to catch the end of the game,” said a non-enthusiastic trio-member. The news reporter somehow missed the “happened to” remark, as she went on beaming about how proud we Canadians are of our women’s … Continue reading