About Me

photo-1I think Little Miss Spanglish defines my alter ego perfectly. I am of half South American, half European descent. However, divorce happens, and so I grew up with my Peruvian mother, which naturally compelled me to embrace my Hispanic side more. Not to say I don’t value my Italian side…I attribute my wild hand-gesturing-while-speaking and my addiction to carbs to that very half of me. Then again, my grandparents moved from Italy to Argentina, where my father was raised, so my South American roots have always prevailed. In other words, I grew up speaking Spanglish. My name is actually Heidi (my mother was always fond of the book about the little Swiss girl who lived in the mountains). I was born and raised in Toronto. I graduated from York University with a degree in journalism. It took me a while to narrow down what I wanted to do with my life (hint: not journalism)…

Since graduating, I’ve interned/worked/volunteered as a writer, an editor, a marketing/communications director, a TV co-host, a radio co-host, a brand ambassador, a presenter, an actor, an interviewer, a production assistant, a sales associate (at this point, I could literally sell you anything)… and their greatest purpose was to make me come to the full-circle realization that what I’ve always been and wanted to be is a writer… and also, very much an actor.

Embrace the process. Don’t ever despair. There’s a reason life happens as it does… eventually, it’ll require you to connect the dots and become who you were meant to be. Until then, learn and absorb the world around you.

This video-blog is my process in plain sight. I hope it is relatable, inspiring or at the very least entertaining.

Thank you for lending me your eyes and ears!




One thought on “About Me

  1. Enjoying the chatter, but can’t believe you hate Halloween!

    Posted by Mark | November 24, 2011, 3:01 am

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