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Big City Girl

I was born and raised in the T-dot which, let’s face it, is not where you want to be from when you want to make it BIG. You want to be from a little town in “nowhere land Ontario” so that when you make it, people will say, “dreams really do come true.” Those types serve as an inspirational story: SMALL TOWN GIRL WITH BIG CITY DREAM. Meanwhile, the city girl who worked her butt off to live out her dream “got lucky”, “probably knew someone” or “will be forgotten soon enough”. The way I see it, city people have WAY MORE competition because we don’t have some sob story about how we grew up on a dairy farm milking cows at 5am, thinking we’d never get our stab at fame.

Yes, I can agree that people from small towns or smaller cities tend to be better focused and determined because they came to the city with one sole goal in mind. However, living here sometimes doesn’t even permit me the time to eat three meals a day. The daily pace, routine and overall lifestyle in a city is very different. You get caught up in paying loans, credit cards, phone bills, trying to get to work on time and trying to fit all chores/errands into your days off. The little time you have left, you just want to spend sitting…and doing absolutely nothing. Living here leaves you no time to dream.

So what do you do? You make time. You take risks. And city people are less willing to do that because of all the responsibilities we have. But if you’re willing to make your dreams a priority, then it becomes a matter of whether responsibilities or priorities are of more importance to you. If it’s priorities, then go ahead and take a risk…it’s what I’m trying to do.

I’ve come to acknowledge that the difference between those who are successful and those who aren’t is simply that those who are don’t talk about it. In the words of Nike they, “just do it.”



About Little Miss Spanglish

Bright-eyed dreamer, set in her ways... enjoys working-out to slow jams. Hates being called by her full name by people close to her. Has never had a pet, yet has names picked out for her future fish, cat and Teacup pig (name of future dog still in the works). Loves receiving handwritten letters in the mail (long, handwritten messages in thoughtfully picked out cards also result in a smile). Will stare in disdain at her plate if it is inhabited by: brown rice, asparagus or beets (coming around on the beets). Finds skipping-down-a-sidewalk to be a lost art in adults... refuses to let that happen to her.


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